Pilot, Driver, Barista, Fencer

Lindy Kats is a 24-year-old Boeing 717 pilot with an incredibly popular Instagram account. Hard work and perseverance helped her fulfill a childhood dream. She posts glamorous pictures of her globe-trotting lifestyle on Instagram. Read more here.  And my favorite – this beautiful one of the pilot relaxing in style.

A royal decree in Saudi Arabia will allow women to start driving in June 2018. The hope is that it will improve Saudi Arabia’s image of women’s rights, and also lead to an increase in women who take on jobs. One has to not drive for a week to understand what such deprivation means. Read more about their upcoming freedom here.

More proof of the change happening in Saudi – 30 year old Manal Ghazwan, has a master’s degree in food safety management, and manages a Starbucks in Riyadh. Take a look at the confident female baristas here.

What is the point? While the world was celebrating the above victories last fall, we in the USA were celebrating a new Barbie from Mattel  — a hijaab wearing fencer sportswoman. To be inclusive is good, no? So, include this Barbie and laud how it empowers girls etc etc.  Only few asked the obvious questions. This article did: “What about a Hasidic Barbie? Women in that sect must shave their hair, wear wigs and no makeup, cover up their figures and defer to men, having sex at their demand and having as many babies as possible.

I am glad my days of shopping at Toyrsus are long over. Yeh din dekhna na padha in aankhon ko.

A School for Grandmas

A school for grannies is making dreams come true in Maharashtra


From the article:

Aajibaichi Shala is a school for grandmothers in Thane district, Maharashtra.
Dressed in bright pink saris, the grannies all sit together in a single classroom and learn to write, read and multiply, all in Marathi.
The school was opened on March 8, 2016, Women’s Day. It’s 27 grannies are aged 60 to 90. On Republic Day this year, they moved to a new, bigger plot.

Read more at source. Heart-warming.